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The Jib can get amazing shots but those shots have to be contrived, framed and executed by the operator to make them great.

There is equally no point in getting your shot if no one else can get theirs, or if you are casting shadows or going through other shots to get to yours. It’s knowing what to offer to compliment the other cameras; it's knowing when to  compromise   to help out lighting or sound and when they should be compromising for you.

It's about being a team member.


It's also about instant accurate framing, maintaining focus and repeatability, it's no good being able to do a shot once, can you do it for the 10th or 20th take?


Good Cameramen become good Jimmy jib operators, good Jimmy jib operators are good Cameramen. I am first and foremost a cameraman.


All Jib sizes from 6 to 40 foot in length on various mounts.


Fully experienced from full scripted multi-camera shoots to single camera drama.

Working in all fields of camerawork, studios OB's PSC and film in all genres drama to sport, opera to pop festival, sit-com to adverts.

Please contact us to discuss what you would like, and we'll  work together to achieve it.



The operator is the most important element in using a Jib

We have 2 Jimmy jibs, so we can have either 2 jibs and operators out or we can pre-rig one whilst the other is in use,. The  latter is particularly useful for drama shoots  to save production time.

Selected as a member of BAFTA Crew

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