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The Jib takes about an hour to rig, for lengths up to 18 foot, and up to 3 hours for the 40 foot.

This is once all the boxes are at the location which, dependent upon location, can take a while!

The camera mounts on the front on its base plate, it will take Film or Video cameras.


Jimmy Jib Camera Requirements


1.            Camera with lens and base plate(I have a Sony base plate)

2.            Video output of the camera, usually taken from the camera head.

3.            Mixer out' video feed, for multi-camera working.  Often taken from the camera.

4.            Mains electric, if available, if not I can run for 8/10 hours on battery power.

Jimmy Jib Tripod

By far the most common and most flexible way to use it, is on a tripod on wheels this works well both inside and out. I have both 3 wheel and 4 wheels bases.

Jimmy Jib Wheels

I have crabbing dollies and studio wheels, so the Jimmy Jib can track on shot if the floor surface is smooth.

Jib Off Road

We also have a 4 wheeled dolly with pneumatic wheels, which enables us to move the dolly about off road without the need to de rig and re-rig.

Jimmy Jib Track

It can also be mounted onto tracking wheels for use on tracks, to add another dimension.

I have 24 feet of Jimmy Jib track, which is suitable for a fairly flat surface and I can hire more if needed.

For uneven surfaces a grip is needed to lay track. The jib will fit onto track standard to the film industry, which most grips carry.

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