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Jimmy Jib Lens Height


Lens height, this is the maximum, with everything set to specifically to give this, including over-slinging the arm.

In reality for most working operations it is a lot lower, the head is normally under-slung (this makes the lens height some 4 feet lower) and the tripod is not usually at its highest, as this makes the rear end too high to operate if the camera is at ground level.


For 6ft to 12ft Jib requires a 6 foot radius. To swing 180 degrees requires 6ft X 12ft and 360 degrees a 12ft X 12ft

For 15ft  to 24ft Jib requires a 9 foot radius. To swing 180 degrees requires 9ft X 18ft and 360 degrees a 18ft X 18ft

For 30 to 40 ft Jib requires a 12 foot radius. To swing 180 degrees requires 12’ X 24’ and 360 degrees a 24’ X 24’

Length/reach    Max lens     Max  Camera   Tail length

From pivot             height       Weight                              



 6ft                            13ft           50lb                   3ft

 9ft                            16ft           25lb                   3ftt

 12ft                          19ft           50lb                   3ft

 15ft                          23ft           50lb                   6ft

 18ft                          25ft           50lb                   6ft

 21ft                          27ft           35lb                   6ft

 24ft                          30ft           25lb                   6ft

 30ft                          33ft           50lb                   9ft

 40ft                          43ft           25lb                   9ft

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